Microsoft Outlook 2013 Product Key Card (no media) – 1 PC

Tighten up with Alternate ActiveSync. Never miss a single meeting, message, or contact again. Now, you can effortlessly receive push-based emails, appointments, and contacts from and Hotmail, all seamlessly integrated into your Outlook experience.

Navigation Bar.

Keep enjoying the way the navigation bar fuels verbal communication. Use it to instantly access your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Everything you need is right there.

Social Connectors.
Dwell in the know. Safe the very latest updates routinely from of us in the social networks you depend on most – LinkedIn, Fb, and others.

Prepare your contacts and time table with ease

Plot gives you a glimpse of your schedule, an appointment, a task, or essential details about someone you’re emailing – all without the need to reorganize windows or lose your train of thought.

Of us Card.
Combine more than one contacts into a single investigate cross-seek advice from all of that person’s contact knowledge (alongside with social network updates) to name of us’s social context more snappy and preserve shut away unnecessary duplication.

Part your calendar.
When others can investigate cross-check your calendar, scheduling meetings, and responding to meeting invitations, is much less complicated and more handy for everyone.

Safe fundamental files sooner than ever

Improved search features allow you to access safe emails, attachments, calendar appointments, and contacts more quickly, enabling immediate communication with the right people. Speed up your operations with Quick Filters and Context Commands. Just a simple click lets you instantly see your calendar’s schedule for today, next week, or next month. Choose from various intuitive methods to filter, organize, and manage your emails. Plus, with the Weather Bar, you can conveniently view the forecast and plan your day or upcoming trip accordingly.

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